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Spending the night on the beach

Spending the night on the beach

  • Holiday on or near the beach
  • In 6 provinces in the Netherlands
  • For 2 to 7 people

Accommodation on the beach in the Netherlands

Besides the coastline, the Netherlands has many other beautiful waters with lovely beaches. At Marina Parcs, you can enjoy Sleeping on the beach of various Dutch waters in or near marinas. Sleeping on the beach is therefore very easy at Marina Parcs, you only have to choose where you want to go in the Netherlands and then get ready for a lovely time. Our accommodations are located in or near various marinas throughout the country, and some of these marinas are located on the beach or near a beach. The marinas are fully equipped and are the perfect starting point for exploring your chosen region. Would you also like to sleep on the beach in a unique accommodation? Please take a look at our offer for your next holiday at Marina Parcs.

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Sleeping on the beach at Marina Parcs

If you want to enjoy a unique stay during your beach holiday, opt for our accommodations with an authentic look and a personal twist. Our accommodations are suitable for 2 to 7 people. And when you come to spend the night at the beach at Marina Parcs, you can choose from our atmospheric Marina Lodges, unique tiny wagons, sturdy safari tents, or a cool houseboat. You will have your own bathroom in the accommodation or you can use the sanitary facilities in the marinas. You can also enjoy the nice outdoor space when you sleep on the beach. Some accommodations are located directly on the beach, so you literally have the water at your feet. If the beach is not right on your doorstep, it is at least within walking distance. That is what a stay at or near the beach is all about!

Facilities in the marinas

You'll enjoy:
🍽️ Tasteful catering facilities
🛀 Sanitary facilities
🎠 Playgrounds
⛵ Boat and bike rental
🏖️ Beach and/or natural swimming pool
🧺 Laundry
🌐 WiFi

First impression of a night at the beach 📸

To-do's from our marinas in the Netherlands

Our marinas are spread across 6 provinces in the Netherlands: from Limburg to Friesland. All of these have one thing in common, it's good to be on the water. You can choose to stay overnight at the beach in Almere. From here you can easily discover the central region of the Netherlands and Amsterdam, of course. All marinas are conveniently located for various attractions and day trips in the respective areas. Whether it is culture or nature, the local delicacies, the city or the countryside, Marina Parcs has something for everyone. When you decide to sleep on the beach, for example in one of our cool glamping accommodations, you will also enjoy the beautiful Dutch waters. Rent a boat (possible in several marinas) and discover the Netherlands from the water! Hope to see you in one of our marinas when you go sleeping on the beach.